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My Top 3 Tips For Autistic & ADHD Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders

I’m all about smashing apart outdated stereotypes of what autism and ADHD look like, particularly for females.

There are many tips I could share to help you achieve that.

Today, I’ve chosen my top three…

1: Stop trying to fit in and start standing out. 

Let your neurodivergent traits – the authentic you – really shine through.

You have a set of beautiful, unique skills and strengths that will absolutely be the secret to your success.

If you’re flying under the radar by trying to fit in, whether that’s as an entrepreneur or within an organisation, not only are you limiting your success, but you’re likely crushing your own confidence.

I invite you to really think about where you can tap into your unique and amazing neurodivergent strengths.

And then, let them shine, so you can innovate, create and achieve success on a much bigger level. 

2. Redefine success on your terms.

I speak with so many autistic and ADHD entrepreneurs and leaders; they’re often overwhelmed, burnt out, and wishing they could find an easier and calmer way to live their lives.

When we talk about success, they often reel off societal expectations: the car, the house, the salary, the beautiful holidays… 

That’s very overwhelming for many of us.

So, I invite you to consider what success looks like for you.

What does it mean to lead a successful life?

Once you’ve given it some thought, start to align your goals and actions to create that version of success – because that’s where you’ll feel fulfilled and happy.

Remember, you can lead a thriving and joyful life while achieving success on an unparalleled level.

3. Be bold, brave and brilliant, and know you’re inspiring our younger generations.

One of my big missions is changing the outdated legacy stereotypes and the limitations that are placed on autistic and ADHD females.

I’m passionate about showcasing the incredible strengths and traits we have.


So we can inspire our younger generations by showing them what’s possible and highlighting our achievements.

We can become bold and inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs with the knowledge we’re transforming the landscape for our younger generations.

In turn, the autistic and ADHD girls of today can become bold, powerful leaders and entrepreneurs for the next generation, showing up authentically and unapologetically from the outset, and leading thriving and happy lives.

As a result, younger and future generations can be free from the challenges many of us have faced in this generation and through late diagnosis. 

Some resources to get started:


Nikki x