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More Than A Talk!

"The only reason to give a speech, is to change the world"

Choosing Nikki Butler as a speaker means opting for a unique, engaging, and transformative experience that goes beyond mere words.

It’s about creating a memorable event filled with insights, laughter, connection, and profound understanding. In a world filled with voices, Nikki’s is one that truly stands out.


A Mission Beyond Speaking: Nikki’s goal isn’t just to impart knowledge but to ignite change, inspire growth, and foster a sense of community and belonging. Her talks are a catalyst for transformation, not just a passing moment of motivation.

No one wants a boring talk!

In a sea of speakers, Nikki Butler is a unique breath of fresh air. It’s not just about what she says, but how she says it. She has an innate talent for deeply connecting with her audience, sharing the highs and the lows, providing insights and inspiration, through captivating and heart led story telling.  She’s raw, she’s real, and she’ll leave you wanting to join her on her quest to create a beautiful, bright future for autistic and ADHD females, for generations to come!

Here’s what sets Nikki apart:

Authentic Connection: Nikki’s talks are personal, relatable, and resonate deeply with her audience. She speaks not only to the crowd but to each individual, creating a unique connection that transforms a speech into an experience.

A Blend of Humour and Wisdom: Nikki’s masterful blend of wisdom, humour, and candid insights turns complex subjects into enjoyable learning journeys. Her talks are not lectures; they’re engaging stories filled with laugh-out-loud moments that captivate and inspire.

Personal Experience: Drawing from her own journey and experiences, Nikki shares real-life examples that aren’t just theoretical but practical and applicable. She’s not afraid to be honest and vulnerable, which creates a profound connection and deep understanding with her audience. 

Empathy and Insight: With a strong understanding of the challenges faced by autistic and ADHD female entrepreneurs and leaders, Nikki’s compassion shines through. She doesn’t just speak about the topic; she feels it and lives it, sharing insights that are both meaningful and actionable. She’s walked the walk, and now she’s talking the talk! 

Adaptability and Versatility: Whether it’s a corporate event, a workshop, or an inspirational talk, Nikki adapts her style to suit the occasion. Her flexibility ensures that each talk is tailor-made for the audience, resonating with their specific needs and aspirations. Having spoken on stages during her corporate career, she knows how to engage and inspire audiences, with her endearing and flavoursome ways! 

An Engaging Presence: Nikki’s energetic and warm personality makes her talks not just informative but enjoyable. She’s not just a speaker; she’s an entertainer, an educator, and a friend who guides you along the path of discovery.

If you need an inspiring speaker......

Here’s why Nikki is the speaker you need:

Entrepreneur Events? Nikki’s insights into the entrepreneur world are both eye-opening and heart-warming. She connects the dots between struggles and successes, providing practical advice with a sprinkle of wit. With well over a decade of entrepreneurship under her belt, she share’s her wisdom, her experiences and offers invaluable insights into navigating life as a neurodivergent female along the way. 

Podcast Interviews? Invite Nikki, and watch your listenership grow! Her compelling stories, actionable tips, and contagious enthusiasm will leave your audience feeling motivated and understood. And whilst she speaks from her experience as an autistic ADHD woman, her insights are invaluable, neurodivergent or not! 

Television and Radio Programs? Nikki shines in any setting, offering casual chats or profound insights with equal ease. Her magnetic presence turns viewers and listeners into instant fans.

Inspirational Speaking? Nikki’s keynotes aren’t just speeches; they’re uplifting experiences filled with empathy, humor, and clear guidance that leaves audiences ignited with potential.

What sets Nikki apart isn’t just her ability to talk the talk, but her personal journey through the highs and lows, imparting wisdom that comes from real-life experiences. She’s not merely a speaker; she’s a mentor, guide, and perhaps your event’s secret ingredient for success.

Nikki Butler doesn’t just engage with her audience; she connects, resonates, and inspires. Her talks turn dreams into plans and plans into victories.

Ready to elevate your event into a memorable and transformative experience? Book Nikki today, and let’s create something magical together!

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From Misfit To Maverick: How Neurodiverse Women are Redefining Success

Have you ever felt like you’re living life on everyone else’s terms? Have you found yourself struggling to fit in, and wish you could step out and live life on your terms? 


Then Nikki’s “From Misfit to Maverick” talk is perfect for your audience! It’s a transformational experience that shifts paradigms and empowers each member of the audience to discover and embrace the potential that lies within them. Nikki cleverly weaves her audience towards inspiring them to create a life that feels fulfilling and successful to them! 

It’s an affirmation that we are all uniquely designed and that our differences don’t make us less; they make us powerful. Join this journey of discovery, celebration, and empowerment, and be part of the change you wish to see.

The Neurodiverse Revolution: Discover The Super Creators of Success & Innovation

Prepare to embark on an eye-opening exploration into a hidden world teeming with creativity, ingenuity, and boundless potential. The Neurodiverse Revolution is not a fleeting trend; it’s an awakening to the astonishing capabilities found within the minds of those autistic & ADHD women.

What if the keys to ground breaking creativity and untold success were hidden within the very traits we’ve overlooked or misunderstood? What if fostering a culture that embraces neurodiversity is not only the right thing to do but the smartest?

Embrace the revolution.  Step into a future where success is not defined by conformity but by the courage to think differently.

Get ready to journey into the unexpected, guided by a speaker who passionately believes in the transformative power of embracing our unique selves. It’s time to redefine what’s possible. It’s time for The Neurodiverse Revolution.

Unleashing Potential: Igniting a Brighter Tomorrow for Girls with Autism and ADHD

In this powerful and transformative talk, Nikki Butler takes a hammer to these outdated and harmful stereotypes. With a blend of personal insight, expert analysis, and a passionate call to action, Nikki lays out a bold vision for a world where Autistic and ADHD girls are not confined by societal misconceptions but empowered to embrace their unique strengths.

This is not just a talk; it’s a rallying cry to change the narrative, to smash apart the barriers that have held back too many for too long. It’s an invitation to create a future where every girl, regardless of how her brain is wired, has the opportunity to shine, to succeed, and to redefine what’s possible.


The future is ours to shape, and it starts with understanding, embracing, and celebrating the incredible diversity of human potential.

Join Nikki in this vital conversation, and be a part of the movement that’s changing the world for the better, one stereotype-shattering step at a time.

Together we are stronger

There’s a certain magic that happens when we join forces, isn’t there? 


Your story, your strengths, your dreams – they matter. When we come together, we’re no longer a single voice in the wilderness. We become a chorus of courage, resilience, and empowerment.


Think about it. We’ve all had those moments when we felt isolated or misunderstood because of our unique wiring. But when we connect, share our experiences, and lift each other up, we realise something truly powerful: we’re not alone. We’re a part of something bigger.


Together, we’re more than just a group of individuals. We’re a community, a force to be reckoned with. We can challenge old stereotypes, smash glass ceilings, and reshape how the world sees neurodiversity. And you know the best part? We get to do it being our authentic selves, quirks and all.


Thank you for being a part of this journey. I love that we are all here together!